Members Advisory Council

Purpose:  The Members Advisory Council serves as the voice of our key constituents; community benefit organizations (nonprofits, schools, public agencies, clubs, and ministries)

Key Responsibility Areas:

  1. Provide information about the needs of community benefit organizations.
  2. Review, provide input to and participate as appropriate in the organization’s program plans.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s programs/services.
  4. Help ensure the organization’s ethical integrity and accountability.
  5. Promote the organization's programs/services.
  6. Administer the annual Academy Awards for Non-Profit Excellence program
  7. Administer Member Liaison Committee
  8. Provide guidance on membership and membership retention

These AMAZING PEOPLE help develop and evaluate Academy for Grassroots Organization's programs and services.

Ms. Jewel Wilmoth-Aviles, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, Chair

Ms. Joyce Brady, Barstow Senior Center,

Mrs. Brigette Martinez, Family Assistance Program,

Mrs. Barbara Grode, Grode Consulting, Lifetime Member

Mr. Frank Kelly, No Drugs America Association, Inc.,

Mr. John Lindsay, Victor Valley Community Dental Services Program, Lifetime Member

Mrs. Paula Martinez, Academy for Grassroots Organizations,

Mrs. Judy Morris, Moses House Ministries, Lifetime Member

Mr. George Nagel, Academy for Grassroots Organizations,

Dr. Deborah Nattress, Social Media Chair,

Ms. Midge M. Nicosia, Victor Valley Community Services Council,

Mrs. Angela Pasco, New Hope Village, Inc.,

Ms. Mysheka Ross, The Lighthouse of Restoration Organization, Inc.,

Mrs. Susan Shrum Barstow Pregnancy Center,

Mr. Adolph Woods, Making A Way Foundation, Lifetime Member



For membership information, contact Debbie A. Cannon, at