Established in 2000, AcademyGO is a regional expert and capacity builder providing an effective, comprehensive, and results-oriented fund development curriculum. Today, with a mission to Convene, Equip, and Guide Community Leaders, “AcademyGO” provides a variety of resources and learning opportunities throughout the region.

#1 Resource for Nonprofit Professionals in the Inland Empire

We specialize in developing amazing nonprofit leaders who change lives.


Programs & Services

& Grant Writing
Empower your staff and organization with our comprehensive grant writing and fundraising academies. These courses equip you with the tools you need to succeed.
& Supporters
Become an AcademyGo member and join a network of nonprofit professionals, who are making a positive impact in our region and beyond.
We are committed to providing nonprofits with access to the resources and tools they need to thrive. Check out these free resources available to you.
IE Network
The IE Resource Network convenings and forums are a great place for individuals and organizations to connect, learn and meet funders.


Our Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Our
2019 Fundraising Academy Graduates

Celebrating Nonprofit Excellence Publication

Congratulations to Our
2020 Grant Writing Academy Graduates

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Partnering with Academy for Grassroots Organizations is an excellent way to make a positive impact in an important region in California.

“Stronger Nonprofits and Stronger Communities” is what we are all about. AcademyGO is uniquely positioned to leverage YOUR INVESTMENT to strengthen a broad cross-section of causes and hundreds of organizations

Stronger Nonprofits | Stronger Communities

Inland Empire Nonprofit Resources connects professionals, volunteers and organizations to resources
available to strengthen the Inland Empire’s nonprofit sector.

AcademyGO has partnered with Grassroots Fundraising Journal and Kim Klein to provide your organization with powerful fundraising tools that explore almost every aspect of fundraising, including legacy giving, capital campaigns, and online fundraising presented through an anti-oppression lens focused on economic and racial justice.

Ready to apply proven fundraising concepts to your organization? 

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