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Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our region by supporting and strengthening the social service sector. AcademyGO provides a variety of resources and nonprofit learning opportunities throughout the region and serves a network of more than 1,500 nonprofit professionals and volunteers.

By becoming an AcademyGO member, you will join a network of nonprofit professionals, businesses and individuals who are making a positive impact in our region and beyond. 

As an AcademyGO member you will have exclusive access to:

Together, we will curate solutions for our region’s biggest challenges. Annual memberships start at only $50.00

"We have been very shy in the past when it comes to grants. Since COVID-19, things are different. Now we have a team that is working on grants. The skills and knowledge from AcademyGO have been a key point to understand the possibilities and steps to get future grants. We have applied for 15 grant opportunities for 2020-21."
AcademyGO Member, Armando Ehrenzweig - Executive Director | Get in Motion Entrepreneurs
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